Beživotna tela žene i deteta pronađena u Lazarevcu

epa06235753 Filipino cirme scene investigators conduct an investigation on the body of a suspected drug dealer, who was shot dead by unidentified gunmen at a street in the town of Bacarra, Ilocos Norte province, Philippines, 30 September 2017. More than half the Filipinos surveyed in a poll released by the firm Social Weather Stations (SWS) believed the country's police have been carrying out extrajudicial killings as part of President Rodrigo Duterte's war on drugs, a campaign that has killed more than 7,000 people so far. Since Duterte came to power on 20 June 2016, his aggressive war on drugs has seen more than 3,800 alleged drug traffickers and addicts killed in police operations, apart from a bigger number who were killed by vigilante groups. International organizations like Human Rights Watch have repeatedly criticized Duterte's anti-drug campaign for its various human rights violations, although the campaign and Duterte enjoys popular support in the country. EPA-EFE/BERNIE SIPIN DELA CRUZ ATTENTION EDITORS: GRAPHIC CONTENT

Ispred zgrade u Karađorđevoj ulici u Lazarevcu jutros je zatečeno beživotno telo žene i muško dete sa povredama, rečeno je Tanjugu u MUP-u.

mesto zlocina uvidjaj ubistvo zlocin jpg

Kako navode, dete je sa povredama prebačeno u Urgentni centar.

Uviđaj je u toku.


FOTO:Ilustracija, EPA-EFE (Bernie Sipin Dela Cruz)

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